My comments on rising inflation in the US.

My comments on local economic recovery after the vaccine rolls out.

San Francisco economics professor sheds light on stock market woes (Kron4, December 2018)

My comments on the Dow Jones falling by 1500 points in the past week alone.

Airbnb Teams With NAACP to Close Door on Racial Stereotypes (NBC Bay Area, October 2018)

My comments on the new Airbnb and NAACP partnership to make the online marketplace diverse and inclusive

Why people of color charge less for Airbnb rentals (Marketplace Weekend on NPR, May 2018)

My interview on why Asian and Hispanic hosts tend to charge less for their rentals than their White counterparts

Tariffs and trade wars as it relates to the US and China (KTVU FOX, April 2018)

My comments on the trade war fears between US and China

President Trump's tariff announcement (KTVU Fox, March 2018)

My comments on the impact of President Trump's announcement on import tariffs on steel and aluminum

Wall street sell off; Dow plunges 1175 points (Kron4, Feb 2018)

My comments on the one day drop in the Dow Jones index by 1175 points.

Global markets whipsawed by Trump victory (San Francisco examiner, Nov 2016)

My comments on the road ahead for the US economy after the 2016 election

California State sanctions on Wells Fargo (NBC Bay Area news, Sept 2016)

California’s sanctions add to Wells Fargo trust issue (Bank Rate, Sept. 2016)

My comments on California state treasurer, John Chiang suspending major parts of the state's business relationship with Wells Fargo because of a scandal involving unauthorized customer accounts.

Road sharing with ride-sharing leads cab cooperative to bankruptcy (Golden Gate Xpress, 2016)

My comments on Yellow cab filing for bankruptcy

San Francisco Minimum Wage Increase not applicable to on-campus employers (Golden Gate Xpress, 2014)

My comments on the variations in hourly wage paid to students on the SF State campus

Earlier Black Friday openings push working students' plans (Golden Gate Xpress, 2014)

My comments on the factors that have led to a trend of pushing Black Friday into Thursday

Campus activities

Second Betty Blecha Memorial Distinguished Speaker lecture: Professor Raj Chetty, Fall 2016

Stanford University Professor of Economics Raj Chetty who discussed findings from the Equality of Opportunity Project and associated policy lessons.

Success using Affordable Instructional Materials at SFSU

My affordable learning solution for decreasing the cost of a graduate course from $10,224 to zero using open source textbooks and open source software called R (faculty showcase)

ORSP Research Round up June 2015

On Asset Prices and Monetary Policy in the U.S.

Inaugural Betty Blecha Memorial Distinguished Speaker Lecture: Professor Carl E. Walsh, Spring 2014

Professor Walsh addresses issues that the Federal Reserve faces with monetary policy at the zero lower bound and unconventional monetary policies.

My induction as Assistant Professor of Economics at San Francisco State University, Fall 2013

One of my fondest days at SF State. Got to do what I love to do most - teach economics, research on economic issues, and serve the campus community in more ways than one.